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Classic partial massage (back)

Кристор масажно студио - Classic partial massage (back)Professional massage with a variety of techniques to relieve stress and muscles tension in the back.

Classic full body massage

Кристор масажно студио - Classic full body massageClassic full body massage, also known as European massage or Swedish massage.
Classic massage techniques relax or energize the body, depending in the order in which the massage is done.
The full body massage removes the fatigue and enhances the immune system, stimulates the circulation of fluids in the body, and improves the nervous system. The classic full body massage has an excellent prophylactic effect on treatment of any diseases; removes muscle tension and can contribute to the correction of posture.

Body lift massage treatments and anti-cellulite massage

Кристор масажно студио - Body lift massage treatments and anti-cellulite massageThe body changes in appearance because of stress, lifestyle with little or no physical activity, and loses the right size and the shape mainly in the specific area of the body: thighs, arms, or belly and to not forget cellulite, water retention, or excess weight.
Firming body lift massage helps to form a supple back and to improve the elasticity of the abdominal muscles. Body lift massage treatments are effective to get rid of flabby arms.
Body lift massage treatments aim to restore the efficient contractile ability of the muscles. Body lift massage can increase metabolism by 15% for brilliantly transformative body sculpting and toning.
Body lift massage treatments are combined with anti-cellulite massage.
Along with lymphatic drainage massage, body lift massage is recommended after liposuction.

Weight loss massage therapy

Кристор масажно студио - Weight loss massage therapyIn the conditions of modern life, often complaints are related to quickly swollen legs, swelling of parts or of whole body. Weight loss massage therapies without pain and bruising, help the body to break down fat deposits stored in the body. Consistently held massage treatments are suitable for both men and women. The massage helps the body to fight cellulite reaching profound metabolic effects and this is an effective way to improve your well-being.
Weight loss massage therapies are executed by a scheme according to the body needs.

Lymphatic drainage massage/ Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

Кристор масажно студио - Lymphatic drainage massage/ Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the best ways for prophylaxis. MLD improves lymph circulation, and removing toxins and slags from the body, can help to get rid of swelling.
Lymphatic drainage massage increases energy and vitality, strengthens metabolism and functions of the immune system, improving sleep quality and work efficiency, stimulating blood circulation.
The results are immediately visible after a few sessions: weight loss, firmer skin, and muscle toning; cellulite reduction.
Lymphatic drainage massage maintains normal metabolism and serves to prevent diseases. It is particularly suitable after liposuction.

Lymphatic drainage massage is contraindicated for serious heart problems and oncological diseases.

Frequency of massages
Several sessions are recommended, which are performed according to the scheme depending on the condition of the body.

Kristor massage

Кристор масажно студио - Kristor massageKristor massage is a specific massage technique based on the osteopathic techniques and massage therapies of American, Chinese, French and Russian professors for problems with the skull, spine and abdominal organs.
By complementing the body's natural regeneration processes and relieving stress and strengthening resistance to disease, Kristor massage promotes wellness and improves the body's function as an effective way against a wide range of adult and child health problems.
Kristor massage can be effective for tension headaches, migraine, chronic neck and back pain, coordination disturbance, speech and psychomotor retention in children, emotional disorders, stress and over tension problems, vocal cords disorders, thyroid gland diseases, decreased immunity, muscle stiffness, muscular and connective tissue pains, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), mastopathies and cysts.
Kristor massage helps to overcome discomfort after passing through several time zones, and to relieve frustrating and painful muscle tension. Kristor massage helps ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, helps improve body metabolism and decrease body weight, and help normalize blood pressure.

Kristor massage is contraindicated in acute stroke, open wounds, oncological diseases and acute inflammations.

Frequency of massages
For prophylaxis - best once every one or two weeks, depending on the condition of the body.
If problems are more serious - two to three times a week. Several sessions are recommended, depending on the condition of the body.

Elegant legs massage

Кристор масажно студио - Elegant legs massageElegant legs massage is for those who keep and care for their feet and understand that their health depends on the mobility of their legs.
Swollen legs are common. We often feel legs tired and ache because of our daily live. However, for those whose occupation requires them to be on their feet for most of the day, for example shop assistants, teachers and hairdressers, or to be sitting while they are working, for example bus, taxi and lorry drivers, directors, secretary, office assistants and any other employees, the discomfort can be more severe and longer lasting.
Elegant legs massage is very beneficial for hips, knees, and ankles, helping to shape leg muscles and remove cellulite. It is an incomparable pleasure for the legs that not only removes fatigue and restores muscle tone but is also a unique relaxation procedure.
Enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle with the ELEGANT LEGS massage!

Thyroid gland and vocal folds (cords) massage

Кристор масажно студио - Thyroid gland and vocal folds (cords) massage Thyroid Gland and Vocal Folds (Cords) massage helps restoring thyroid functions and vocal cords.
Massage is suitable for people with thyroid problems, as well as for singers, speakers and lecturers.

Foot massage

Кристор масажно студио - Foot massageAt the top and at the bottom of the human foot, from the ankle to the tip of the fingers, there are acupuncture points and areas that affect the whole body. In the gardens of the Chinese Emperors, there were special health paths that they and their family members had walked barefoot to maintain their health and longevity.
Today, we have protected our feet by shoes, but we have lost touch with nature.
Massage studio KRISTOR offers you a unique foot massage to relax the muscles of the legs improving blood flow to the feet and helps promote blood circulation in the body. After the procedure, you will forget about fatigue and you will continue as if you had just awakened from a restful sleep with relaxed legs.
Foot massage is an ideal remedy against leg fatigue. Through the zones and points of the feet affecting the individual organs and parts of the body, the massage relieves tension and stress, relaxes the body, serves for prophylaxis and maintains a good muscle tone. It is an incredible experience for those who appreciate the full value of their health.
Because the foot massage affects whole body, please those who think they may have some problems, to consult the GP in advance.

Massage to restore the functions of the respiratory system

Кристор масажно студио - Massage to restore the functions of the respiratory systemThis type of massage can help breathing problems boosting your body's natural defenses and improving blood circulation. Osteopathic and other specialized massage techniques are used. The frequency, duration and number of procedures depend on the condition and needs of the body. The main techniques are based on osteopathy. Amelioration in the respiratory process is felt after the first procedure. The procedure helps the body to regain its capacity after a unilateral and / or bilateral pneumonia and to eliminate the residual symptoms of the disease.

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