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Free massage therapies - charity day:

St. Panteleimon 27 July each year, on St. Panteleimon's Feast Day, massage studio KRISTOR traditionally offers free massage therapies in honor of the St. Panteleimon, patron of the massage studio!

From June 28th, you have the option of booking, for free only for July 27, the massage therapies "Lymphatic drainage massage" or "Kristor massage". Please reserve only the even hours in order to satisfy the maximum number of clients.

On this day, the studio does not accept payment or any financial or material gifts. You can donate whatever you think is necessary to the church or to the needy people.

You cannot take the opportunity this day? You can book, only on 27 July, an unlimited number of massage therapies "Lymphatic drainage massage" and / or "Kristor massage" with a 50% discount for the time until August 26 inclusive!

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